Almost 40% of all families in the vicinity of City of Refuge live at or below the Federal Poverty Level for their household makeup, and many more would be considered low-income, but the average rent is $1200 per month.
Our neighborhood is one of the most violent neighborhood’s in the most violent city in America with a ranking of 4 (100 is the safest).
As of the latest Neighborhood Scout Report, 15.1% of working aged adults in our community were unemployed.
Only 55% of the students in our neighborhood graduate from high school and many of those who do graduate are unprepared for college.
Currently, 51% of children in our neighborhood live in a single-parent household and 48% of children live in poverty


Through supportive services fueled by innovation and a collective impact approach, City of Refuge Baltimore seeks to lead individuals and families on a journey to self-sufficiency for generations to come. We do that by focusing on five key impact areas.


We work with energy and excitement toward fulfilling our mission and seeing lives changed for the good.
We refuse to cut corners. Instead, with great attention to detail, we serve our community to the best of our ability.
We respect and honor all individuals as people with tremendous value no matter their life circumstances.
We work together in strong unity and hold firmly to the principles and values that guide us.


With 15 years of experience meeting people’s most basic needs of food, clothing, and resources; in 2017 we shifted into a partnership with families in a more deep way.  City of Refuge Baltimore is a growing leader in the business of social transformation. We are located in the middle of Brooklyn and Curtis Bay on the south side of Baltimore city, one of the most struggling neighborhoods where nearly 35% of the residents live below the Federal Poverty Level. We believe the people of Brooklyn and Curtis Bay desire and deserve to live abundantly with access to vital resources, networks, and opportunities. In light of this, City of Refuge Baltimore seeks to partner with individuals and families in crisis to clear a pathway out of poverty and into a thriving community.