Troy Graham came to CORB 11 years ago for food from the pantry and meals on Friday nights. He started volunteering a year later and has now been a volunteer for 10 years. He has raised three sons during this time, who also volunteer with him.  Troy says, “Feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will flourish for a lifetime. That is what CORB does—makes the community stronger and able to stand on its own. It’s time to stand up, Baltimore.”
Dion DeVaughn started volunteering at CORB in April 2018. He began with small jobs at the Tuesday morning community breakfast and has continued to do any job asked of him. He is so thankful for the environment that CORB provided, which has taught him kindness. Dion says, “I don’t have things to give, so I give my time.” He has had mentors here who have taught him leadership skills and touched his heart, making him the man he is today. “CORB doesn’t discriminate or judge. It’s all about loving people.”
Kyle Watson spent 11.5 years in prison and lost his mother and child before coming here to CORB. When he came to us, he was an alcoholic who suffered from severe depression. When he started volunteering 6 years ago, he got his second chance. Kyle says, “I don’t want a third or fourth chance. This is the only life I’ve got. I am going to live it with purpose.” He has been given many leadership opportunities. He loves what he does here and has learned how to forgive. Kyle has also overcome all of his adversities. He says, “I don’t have a family, but this is my family. I am inspired by Gideon from the Bible because God has given me armies of strength through the other volunteers here at City of Refuge Baltimore.”
Terri Highfield received an entire Thanksgiving meal from CORB 10 years ago (a service that CORB still offers). She told her husband that it was time for them to give back.  They started volunteering here soon after. Terri has worked in our donation shed, sorting clothing and toys. She now runs the kitchen and cooks many meals for the community. Terri is learning to love the people in our community, how to exercise self-control, and how to adjust her attitude when needed. With the support of other volunteers and staff, Terri is two years free of depression and off of her depression medication.
Donald Marine came to CORB 8 years ago after being laid off to get food for his family. “When I needed help, they gave it to me, so I give my time now.” Donald has been a volunteer here for 2 years. He drives our truck on Tuesdays to pick up donations and works at our food pantry on Thursdays. He loves the sense of giving back. “It makes you feel good and lifts people up," Donald says. “You have to serve in order to learn how to lead.” He has been able to stand on his own and is helping others here to do the same.
Beverly Williams has been serving for 7 years in the baby room here. She says, “I have had women come who didn’t have any diapers at all for their babies.” Beverly loves the babies and wants to supply their needs. She also desires to see the moms improve their lives and get what they need. “It fills my heart up, when the moms are doing well.” Beverly remembers a time that she gave a mom an outfit for herself and a jacket for her baby. Later, Beverly saw them wearing the clothes and it made her so happy. She believes that this community is getting stronger and the mothers are finding strength through the work of CORB.
Angie Alvarenga has been serving at CORB for about a year at our food pantry. Through serving, Angie has met great people and has had the opportunity to see them grow. The best part of serving is seeing others grow and learn about Christ. She says, “I get a blessing helping someone else. It touches my heart seeing people get what they need here.”